Injection Molding

Mold Base

Despite continuing advancements in 3D-printing technology, injection molding continues to be the more efficient and cost-effective method of mass-producing plastic parts. With over 35 years experience in injection molding and mold design, Flexcim is well-equipped to shoot your plastic project into existence. Our technical team’s experience has been formed under the pressure of designing and maintaining an inventory of over 400 molds.

While offshore competition remains stiff, Flexcim continues to offer competitive plastic part prices with a simplified supply chain. Not only do we strive for a self-sufficient and diverse Canadian economy, we are passionate about modern and lean manufacturing practises. We work closely with our customers to ensure that their designs, molds, and parts work for them from the beginning of the project, and continuously throughout production. With our supermarket stock system and by incorporating a myriad of manufacturing technologies, we offer faster lead times, lower shipping costs, and a simplified supply chain compared to offshore manufacturers. We can even offer faster mold design and turnaround through our in-house mold manufacturing and maintenance shop. By choosing Flexcim as your manufacturer, you are not only choosing to invest in the North American economy, but you are also choosing a partner.