About Flexcim Manufacturing

Flexcim Group Photo

Flexcim Manufacturing Services Inc. is a diverse Canadian manufacturing company located in Edmonton, Canada. Our mission is to reverse the trend towards offshoring and repatriate production into Canada.

All of our products are proudly made in Canada. We work within the community and source the majority of our supplies and materials locally. As a result, we have a good relationship with many local businesses. Our relationships with customers are vertically integrated into our manufacturing process. Orders are immediately shipped from stock and replenished based on the “Supermarket” model in lean manufacturing.

Inside our walls you will find an exciting, fast paced environment. We have a young, energetic team of skilled technical staff who embrace early adoption of new technologies. Our company has been growing, in part, due to installation of robotics, automation and artificial intelligence. By integrating technology into our business, we can compete on the global stage.

In the fall of 2021 we launched our online store, with the hopes that it will encourage North American buyers to look for products closer to home and support our initiatives.

We believe in improving the lives of our employees and greater society through fearless innovation. We work closely with the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and have partnered with various Professors and students on a number of projects. Our goal is to create meaningful jobs for future generations and encourage them to grow within a knowledge-based economy.