Engineer's at work

Product Development

If you have a product to develop or an idea to make real, Flexcim is the manufacturer you want on your side. Our technical team prides itself in our pledge of, “Problem Solving in a Day.” This means that when our customers approach us with a design challenge, we fearlessly tackle the problem head-on and…

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Mold Base

Injection Molding

Despite continuing advancements in 3D-printing technology, injection molding continues to be the more efficient and cost-effective method of mass-producing plastic parts. With over 35 years experience in injection molding and mold design, Flexcim is well-equipped to shoot your plastic project into existence. Our technical team’s experience has been formed under the pressure of designing and…

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CNC Machining

Flexcim Manufacturing Services Inc. offers CNC machining for both production and prototype fabrication. With experience in challenging to cut materials, we can modify pre-made parts, or machine bespoke parts or full assembles from concept design. Our technical team works side-by-side with customers and production floor staff to optimize the design of products for CNC Machining….

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3D printer prototype


Flexcim’s vast experience in the industry has yielded a wealth of knowledge in many manufacturing methods, giving us a creative advantage in both traditional and rapid prototyping methods. Our technical design team utilizes two Formlabs Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printers, in conjunction with our line-up of CNC machines and sheet metal shop, to bring our internal…

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