CNC Machining

Flexcim Manufacturing Services Inc. offers CNC machining for both production and prototype fabrication. With experience in challenging to cut materials, we can modify pre-made parts, or machine bespoke parts or full assembles from concept design. Our technical team works side-by-side with customers and production floor staff to optimize the design of products for CNC Machining. Our in-house assembly department can assemble, test, and package the final product. To meet the needs of our customers we work with local companies to offer additional processing such as heat treating, nitriding, coatings, and plating.

In keeping with one of our company’s long-standing goals of being fearless innovators, we work with local companies, government and universities to expand our boundaries in the fields of robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence. We are always looking for opportunities to use new technologies or apply existing technologies in novel ways. To this end, we have incorporated automation into our machine shop to keep our machines running longer and more efficiently, leading to shorter run times, and lower prices.